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Extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, ...) [Official thread]

If you have a problem with the add-on extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, …) post in this thread. This way I get notified. If you make a new thread I will likely miss it.

I can’t seem to find the save button

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In the lower right of the dialog there’s a “Save” button, see here.

Does this solve your problem?

I had the same problem. Here’s a screenshot

Thanks for this report. Your screenshot helped. By default I initially set the height of the window to 1100 pixels, see here.

If e.g. you have a widescreen display that has a height of 1080 pixels and a window taskbar that has a height of 40 pixels so that there are only 1040 pixels on your screen this should happen: 1100-1040 = 60 pixels are probably hidden, most likely at the bottom.

To test this hypothesis: Make the window smaller. Most people I know resize from a bottom corner but you can also do it from the top.

Does this solve your problem? Let me know so that if this is the solution so that I can upload a fixed version with a smaller default height (or that otherwise we can continue narrowing down the problem).

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Great, that fixed the problem! The protip of resizing from the top corner was key. I’m used to only resizing from the bottom corner, which wasn’t viewable (ergo the site of the “save” button). Thank you :smiley:

First of all thank you for such a asome addon
My problem while I am editing tables is that , when I add an arrow to the table and I click save, the arrow appears as a columm In the picture for example when I was on the editor the diagnossis colum, should go below Common causes of ascites and not next to it

@TitanEsXVI: Your post has “when I add an arrow”. I assume your autocorrect interfered when you wanted tow write “when I add a row”.

I can’t reproduce the problem. But that doesn’t say much. It would help if you could share the html source code of the field that contains the table.

to get the html source of the affected field: In the browser select this card and put the cursor into the field that contains the text that is sometimes shown in bold. Then press Ctrl+Shift+x. A window should open that contains the html source code. Post it. When you post it into this forum make sure that it’s properly displayed. Select the html source code you pasted then from the top of your editing window click the symbol </> “Preformatted Text”.

Maybe also share this: from the main window click on Help->About. In the window that opens click the “Copy Debug Info” Button and share the copied text.)

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I have Anki V2.1.20. After the Table Editor update on 7-30-2020, the Table Editor no longer works. Must I update Anki to V2.1.22 to enable the Table Editor, or is there something I can do to enable it without updating Anki?

Please frame any explanation in terms that someone with virtually no background in computer software can understand.


Must I update Anki to V2.1.22 to enable the Table Editor


If you had advanced knowledge about computer software and were particularly motivated it might be different. But even in this case updating to 2.1.22 would be easier and better.

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Thanks for the timely response. I will proceed with the update.