Exporting and importing filtered decks

I am trying to create a master deck that I can use for each class. I have an excel sheet designed to create cards that will fit into each deck and subdeck as to not have to create them as the course goes along.

In each deck I plan to use a filtered deck and would like the preferences preset. Is there a way to export and import filtered decks and their preferences? Whenever I import a filtered deck it imports as a real deck.

As an alternative, is there a method to create a large number of filtered decks at once?

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Exporting filtered decks is another thing that’s currently not supported, but on the to-do list.

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Thank you for the reply. Do you know an easier way to make a bunch of filtered decks at once? Say if I have 20 decks that I want to make 20 filtered decks for with my preferences?

You could teach yourself some programming. But beware :slight_smile:


Lmao! My thoughts exactly on Anki. I’ve always thought programming updates for any software were so unnecessary but I see how and why they are made.

How hard would it be to start programming? If I could learn it this would be my first project.

This is hard to tell, because it will (of course) vary a lot from person to person. FWIW Python (the programming language you should be learning to deal with Anki) is considered as relatively easy, and good for beginners in general.

Anyways, nothing prevents you from trying, and abandoning if you feel it’s not worth it / taking too much time. If that curve goes up and the original task isn’t done anymore, it’s probably because programming is (usually) more fun than the original task :slight_smile: