Export notes / cards with built in TTS to TXT

I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but when exporting cards / notes using a notetype containining a {{tts}} field, the resulting TXT file includes the TTS references and duplicates the contents of the text fields.

This is, for example, a simple card using the built in TTS feature:

This is the resulting txt file after exporting the deck (“Include HTML / media references” option is unchecked)

But if I change the notetype of the card to Basic, I get expected results:

Shouldn’t export to TXT files (without including HTML and media references) be limited to the actual content of the cards?

You say cards/notes, but I suspect this only happens when exporting cards? The export cards mode is intended for moving content to other flashcard programs that only support front/back cards, so it renders the front and back card templates.

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Yes, you’re right, sorry, my fault. Still, I personally find exporting TTS code and duplicated fileds, while of course not a serious problem, somewhat unnecessary and counterintuitive.

Anyway, thanks for clarifying!

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