Export deck to Flashcard Delux?

In FCD there is the possibility to import cards via “Onedrive” or “Google Drive”

1. try: export deck as *.apkg
I can then load the deck via Onedrive into FCD,
but unfortunately the created cards are not usable.
Example: "ab[anki:play:q:0]
No sound samples etc. imported, the amount of KB shows media is included.
2nd attempt: export deck as *.txt
Same result
3rd try:
Anki Deck exported to “Goolge Drive”
also without success:

Does anyone have a solution?
Would be great!

Thank you, Peter El Salvador

Maybe this thread in Flashcards Deluxe Forum can be useful:


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It just what I did 2 minutes ago.

Thanks Peter

A proper solution would probably require coding to convert the cards to a format Flashcard Delux could understand, as neither app understands the other.