Evening out the number of cards in a deck

Hi, I would like to take a deck with 500 or so cards (this is true for only this one deck) and even them out to I see 4 or 5 a day. I have tried resetting, forgetting cards, and setting 0-100, for instance. I still get very uneven days from 2 to 17 cards. What can I do to limit the number of cards in a day to 5 or to 7 cards, for instance, on the top side, and no less than 4 on the bottom end? Many thanks. Gregorio

You can set a daily limit in the deck options that will put a cap on the number of review cards that are shown each day. Any cards that are still waiting will be shown the next day that there is part of your limit remaining. You’ll need to keep an eye on your backlog in the statistics though, to make sure your limit is set high enough not to build up a large backlog.

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Found it but unfortunately it sets for all my decks, not just this one.


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