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I am using ANKI to study for a very long wind up medical fellowship exam (over 18months of study). I have been mainly comcentrating on adding ibformation into ANKI at the moment but am occasionally looking through some card (I have only gone through around 300 of 4000). In another couple of months I will finish compiling cards and begin studying them in detail over the remaining 5 months to my exam. When I study cards at the moment, it is telling me that the next time I will be given the card is not for 6 or 7 months, because I am studying the cards so intermittently at the moment. My question is, are those estimated times fixed or are they estimates? When I start using anki more frequently will it show me the cards earlier? Obviously if I dont get given the card again for 7 months it will be after I finish my exam. Would I be better to re-set the system and start from scratch when the time comes to actually start studying my cards seriously?

You can reschedule your cards in “browse” (select all cards you want to reschedule -> right click -> reschedule). The reason Anki shows you this big intervalls is the following:
Let’s assume you study a card today so it’d be due tomorrow. But you don’t study tomorrow, you study in 7 months. If you get the card right now Anki assumes your knowledge from the last time studying this card (7 months ago) lasted to this day so the software will set the next intervall in relation to your first intervall with an given ease.

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