How to avoid seeing cards earlier than scheduled?


I have a deck that I already learned (no new cards left). I’ve been reviewing this desk for years and some cards now have a 10 year (or longer) interval before the next time they will be shown. Is it possible to avoid seeing the cards earlier, i.e. can I make sure that they stay in the waiting status for such long time?

Is that achieved by changing the “Learn ahead limit” and if yes, would that affect all desks?

Alternatively, could I hard code individual cards to remain in the waiting state until the time they are scheduled to be shown again and not earlier?

Sorry for the confusing question, it is my first post :slight_smile:

If a card is not due for 10 years, Anki will not show it to you before then unless you use tools like Custom Study to review ahead.

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Many thanks, @dae!

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