Errors when syncing and logging in

This is happening on both my desktop and iOS app.
When I tried to sync, I kept getting error messages so I deleted my apps/reinstalled newest versions. Now when I try to log in, I get this error message:

HttpError { code: 408, context: “timeout monitor”, source: None }

On my iOS app, trying to log in gets this error:
Connection timed out. Please try again. If you see frequent timeouts, please try a different network connection. Error details: error sending request for url (): error trying to connect: operation timed out

I did not copy the error from trying to sync before but it said something about a network connection timeout. My network seems to be working fine and I have tried syncing on three different networks since yesterday. Please help!

The logs show you syncing a bunch of media this morning, and that having now completed. Are you still experiencing problems if you sync again now?

Hi! Thank you for your reponse. This morning I reset my wifi and deleted/reinstalled apps again and also restarted my computer and iPhone. After doing all of that, I was able to log in and sync everything. So this is now resolved! Thanks again.

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