Error warning when open and close


This is what It shows when I open and close my Anki. It’s no add-ons I can find that have same name. I have updated newest verison of Anki and somehow my Custom background Image is not working either. I can’t change the image.

Thank you for your help.

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The screenshot shows that you studied 7 cards in 8.51 minutes today.

That’s such a slow rate, there was probably a 7-minute gap somewhere. But things must have been OK earlier.

Did you log out, then log back in ? Or did you leave Anki running during the gap ?

Your config must have changed. What did you do ?


HI .

Thank you for answering my question. Yes things were ok earlier. I’m new to this so I’m still trying to learn how to study with it.
I did log-out and in again. I even downloaded a new version.
I only try to use Anking and download add-on. Nothing else I could remember.
I even delete the app and install it again. Same problem .

Thank you for your help

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I respectfully suggest that this forum is for the use of Anki as developed by Damien Elmes, @dae, for approximately 15 years.

Any advice given by the folks on this forum might not be appropriate for the Anking offering. You should probably refer to the Anking site for support.

The advantage of using the @dae version is that you get support on this site, and on the following two sites:


I hope things work out OK.

BTW: If you’re a new Anki user, it might be a good idea to avoid any add-ons until you’re confident with the basic config.

BTW2: I’m no expert, but if you want to experiment with both flavours of Anki, I suggest it would be safer to keep separate cards for each version - at least in the initial stages. If you need advice on how to do that, maybe the good folks here can help.


I think Linnea was talking about a shared deck and add-ons they recommend, not a custom build.

@Linnea there’s a good chance using the Tools>Check Database menu option will resolve the issue.

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Oh wow. It worked :smiley:

Thank you so so much :smiley:

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