Error message when pasting images

I get an error message saying “Sorry, images can not be added via AnkiWeb. Please use the computer version or a mobile client.”
I am on a laptop. Isn’t this the computer version? if it is not the computer version, which version is the computer version

You likely use the web version ( You will find a free application to download for various operating systems here:

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That is the version I have. I get an error message
I clicked on your link and I was uploading the same thing I already have.
I get an error message when I try to paste an image onto a card. It says “Images cannot be added via Ankiweb. Please use the computer version or a mobile client.”

So please download the application for advanced features.

The computer version is a program that you have to download and install on your computer. Then you run that program on your computer.

The version you are trying to use now is the web page version, which has very limited functionality.

Go to and click the Download button. After downloading the file (it might be anki-23.10.1-windows-qt6.exe in your Downloads directory if you’re using Windows), you need to install it (by double-clicking on that file if you’re using Windows).

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