AnkiWeb no longer allows me to paste image

Previously I was not able to add images to my cards through AnkiWeb. I accepted this and resolved to just create the cards when I get off from work with the limited time I have after work. Can’t use the app while at work. A few days ago I was able to add images to my cards through AnkiWeb. I was extremely happy about this since I get a lot of studying done at work. Being able to study and create detailed cards with images while at work was EXTREMELY convenient considering the limited time I have at home. Now I can no longer do it as of today. Seems like it was one of those things that got added, and I was extremely grateful when it was added, but then it got taken away again. :frowning_face:

Anyway you guys to throw that back in?

Pasting images doesn’t work properly. Depending on your browser and source content, you’ll either get remote image links that are prone to breakage, images embedded directly in the fields (which makes Anki extremely slow), or may even end up saving notes where the images fail to appear when you next go to view them. Until it can be supported properly, it is better not supported at all.