Entire anki account has been wiped

Hi, I have been using anki for medical school for the past 3 years on an M1 macbook. I had an anki account and used the mac app but had never used anki web. This macbook unexpectedly crashed and was wiped by the apple store. I have a new version of the same laptop and reinstalled anki on it, and tried to log into my account thinking it would have automatically backed up/synced each time I closed the app on my other laptop, and it is completely blank. Any ideas of what I can do as over 25,000 cards have gone :frowning:

Hi, this is sad to hear.

Anki automatically creates backups (Backups - Anki Manual) in case your database is corrupted or you accidentally delete Anki notes, but these backups likely have been wiped as well.

If you never used AnkiWeb, there is no AnkiWeb cloud backup which can be downloaded to your newly installed Anki.

Have you created backups of your computer to iCloud, some cloud backup service or an external drive?

Hi, yes my laptop was backed up to iCloud, but not an external hard drive

You could also try using a file recovery tool, like Download Recuva | Recover deleted files, free!, which can recover deleted files. The sooner you use it, the more likely you are to recover files because once your computer reuses the portion of the disk where the deleted files were stored, they can no longer be recovered.

I’m afraid the chances of recovering your data are slim unfortunately. Modern Macs encrypt data which will likely thwart attempts at recovering previous data from disk, and as far as I’m aware, iCloud backups do not include Anki’s data.

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