Enabling Fibonacci Spacing - How? Add-On or Web/App Option?

I am trying to understand how to enable Fibonacci spacing for my flashcards. I do not see any Fibonacci add-ons for the web version, and I would purchase the IOS app if it was available as an option, but I don’t see that feature listed.

In a nutshell, I want to create a new deck and then have the cards redisplay according to a specific pattern:
Day 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55

How can this be programmed in the web version or IOS app?

Is there any particular reason you want a hard-coded Fibonacci spacing that will not take into account your performance at all? Also you will get cards in a very predictable manner, all new cards reviewed any given day will be always scheduled at the same day in the future, perpetuating the same context.

I guess that would be possible via add-on, so desktop version only, as it is the only version you can install ad-ons. You will have to save card’s previous interval, then you could schedule the next interval by adding up the previous interval and the current interval, plus getting rid of the interval fuzz Anki adds. On the other hand, the add-on would ignore starting or current easiness of the card, user self rating (2,3,4), among other deck settings.

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You can use learning steps to approximate this, but I’d recommend you stick with the standard Anki algorithm, as it can better adjust the delays to your responses.

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Desktop version is fine, I did not see an add-on currently available and I am fine with the fixed intervals, Fibonacci has been proven as a flash card method.

Indeed, the add-on is not available, that is whyI suggested what should need be done, as far as I know about add-ons. The add-ons I made are very simple. Perhaps in the future I may experiment with that it if nobody had it done already.

A vanilla experience somewhat closer to Fibonacci should be setting the starting ease to 162% (golden ratio 1.62) which would be useful when intervals get specially long. Then using the defuzz add-on to remove the interval fuzziness Anki adds,. Then only use again and good ratings as options, as hard and easy ratings modifies the card easiness by 15%. FInally you can hard-code the initiall steps in minutes, so 1440 2880 4320.