Empty main screen when i upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04

So after i upgraded to 22.04 yesterday , anki is no longer showing the main window , so i can’t find review my cards
i am using anki 2.1.50 qt5
on ubuntu 22.04 , wayland (is the default)

ps : it works fine on anki 2.1.51 qt6 but not on 2.1.51 qt 5 (i tested them both on ubuntu 22.04)

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The --no-sandbox flag will probably fix this:

Also, Wayland has some issues, so I recommend using x11 (xcb) for now.


it worked , thank you
the problem is that , taking x11 as “a default windowing system” is no longer an option on this latest version of ubuntu where wayland is the main

anyway it is working well now , thx again

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The text @kleinerpirat quoted describes how to tell Anki to use X11/xwayland - it doesn’t require you to start an X11 session yourself.