Empty card creation is allowed

Bonjour Hello!

I use conditionnal replacement for my cards with version 2.1.35. The conditional fields are named FRCO (front French back Korean) and COFR (front Korean back French). I wish my template to force me to specify if I want FRCO cards and/or COFR cards, but at least on of them. However, the programme does not stop me from creating a card even if neither COFR and FRCO fields are filled.


This is my code for FRCO front cards:

This is my code for COFR front cards:

Reproduction step:

  1. Go to add note tool
  2. Fill in Expression field
  3. Write nothing else in any of the COFR and FRCO fields
  4. Add the note
  5. See that the note was created in the browser, but see using the template editor that both COFR card and FRCO card are empty.


Expected behaviour:
This message should appear to warn me that it would create an empty card with an error dialog box. If I use the version 2.1.22 on another computer (synced with same Ankiweb account), it shows me the message:

Thank you for your help. :grinning:

It’s mentioned in the change notes:

This allows you to add partial content, then go back and correct it later. You can clean up unwanted cards using the Empty Cards tool.