Embedded videos

I looked at the cards in a shared deck and was surprised. could we add embedded videos like this?

I need a note type like this with only two fields, video in the first field and text in the second field. can you help? I tried to create it, but I couldn’t even get near it.

It resembles the type of map from this addon https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/939347702
The author of the add-on also provides another type of map with an embedded video here

After updating the addon, the embedded video types were implemented in different ways. You can follow it here


Sorry, I have poor programming skills.

The only thing I need is a way to add videos. I only want to work with the videos I have. I have segmented film/series scenes. when I add these clips to anki, they open in the same window.

Therefore, I have given you a link to an addon with which you can add note types in which this problem is solved.

I think one of those links was intended to be to that author’s Demo deck https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1341805257 – which will give you the note type(s) you can use to get the same outcome. You can import that, and customize the card templates to fit your needs.


Accidentally posted the same link twice. Still, I advise you to take the movies 2 anki template (add-on) from the add-on it is the simplest, so it will be easier to customize it to your needs.