Editor: paste raw unfiltered full html [Official thread]

You probably should not use this add-on. Read the warnings on the ankiweb page.

If you have a problem with the add-on editor: paste raw unfiltered full html post in this thread. This way I get notified. If you make a new thread I will likely miss it.

Thank you. It can be used normally now. :grin:

Version ⁨2.1.66 (70506aeb)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.2 PyQt 6.5.2

@noty: Thanks for the report. Could you try again? Apparently I’m not used to how the new upload interface from this summer works.

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I didn’t encounter a problem

my understanding was that you couldn’t download the addon because it was shown as not comptabile to your anki verison. So I changed the compatibility info on ankiweb.

If there is a format after pasting, it will be more perfect!

I just want when I copy any colored text from the review window and then paste it into the editor, I want it to be pasted exactly as it is colored in the review window.
The problem is that the text is pasted and not colored
Using this Add-on The text is pasted colored but with additional CSS (Backround, font, size …)
as shown here :

Is there a way to do what I want?

At the moment I can’t think of a way to do this with my add-on. In effect you would need a different add-on that allows you to filter the content of fields (or pasted content) according to rules you define.

I don’t know what faster: starting from zero with the aadd-on that’s narrowly tailored to your current needs or adjusting this four year old preliminarly version of a universal add-on GitHub - glutanimate/html-cleaner: HTML Cleaner Add-on for Anki

I guess the easiest solution is to paste unformatted text and manually reapply the colors. There should be some addon that allows you to create custom buttons or shortcuts for colors you often use. I would search the addon list. The addon “Custom styles” doesn’t help because it’s broken. The add-on quick colour changing looks very promising to me, maybe also have a look at wrapper addon? Also keep the warning that’s next to each download code “only download addons you trust” in mind.

Hello. Thanks for the addons. I would like to report the error that when I copied some things it crashes and I can’t use it anymore. This was the text/image I pasted:

this is the moment when it freezes and doesn’t close or anything, I have to use the task manager to close anki:

I assume you’ve read the warnings on the add-on page that using this add-on might lead to problems with anki. fixing all problems that can occur because this addon circumvents some sane anki steps would be much too time consuming.

one safe workaround would be to include screenshots of the content you want to learn/the webpage. I guess that this is also the most efficient approach, trying to simplify/clean the html so that it works better in Anki without affecting the visual appearance is probably too timeconsuming. Maybe pasting into https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/805891399 helps? But this might lead to security problems if the content you paste is from an untrusted source. So I really like the screenshot approach. I wish I had a better idea for you.

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