Editor lagging issue

If there is a lot of content in a note, the editor will become more and more slow to display the input.This should not be the case by a I5-4210M laptop.
GIF 12-12-2022 3-19-32 PM
In the gif,the input appears after 0.5s probably,and it will improve to 3s or more by the edit time.

Does it happen with the HTML editor hidden as well?

yes,I have tried in various way.

This reminds me of the issue that made me switch from Windows to Linux a while ago.

But you’re saying it worsens with increasing note content. Does it reset to a better response time when you add the note (i.e. when the fields are cleared).

Yes,it resets.

I tested this by copying a bunch of complex MathJax formulae into an editor field. After duplicating those about 10 times, keyboard input was still smooth. But once I opened the HTML editor, I noticed a significant lag. When typing a word, it wouldn’t show until I stopped. Closing the HTML editor solved this.

There’s definitely room for improvement in terms of performance. But we should also ask ourselves if it’s fair to compare the input of flashcard software with dedicated TeX editors. The input shown in your video seems quite extreme for a single Anki note. Perhaps you can split the content into multiple notes?

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