Possible bug (23.10) : Anki slows down when editing or creating notes with multiple fields

I’m writing this post to report a possible bug with Anki desktop Version ⁨23.10 (51a10f09) on Windows.⁩

I’ve been experiencing major slowing down of Anki when editing or creating cards using a note type that can contain up to 30 different cards (following a front-back model). With further testing, it seems that every notetype for which the fields to not fit all at once in the program window are affected, indepedent of the quantity of card fields (happens with note types of < 10 fields and 1 card per note).

Scrolling becomes very delayed and typing is also affected. Anki remains overall usable, but remains slowed down as long as the note type is selected in the adding window.

Changing the note type in the same window corrects the problem.

I was previously using version 2.1.66 and haven’t had any similar problem with any other previous version of Anki

The slow down is not experienced when dealing with basic front-back cards nor with basic cloze cards.

Current add-ons:

  • Automatic Basic to Cloze Updated
  • Batch Editing
  • Colorful Tags Hierarchical Tags
  • Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Highlight Search Results in the Browser
  • Image Occlusion
  • Enhanced Review Heatmap

Thank you!

Does it happen without any add-ons active? Does it happen if you change the video driver in the preferences screen?

It happens without any add-ons active.

It happens under the OpenGL (was used prior to trying other drivers), Vulkan and “System” video driver.

Using Direct3D video driver fixes the issue!

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