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'due' attribute in cards table

In Ankidroid database structure, it is given that the value of ‘due’ attribute in cards table for new cards are either note id or random integer. In my database I can’t find any new card with ‘due’ attribute as note id. So, when a note id is assigned to ‘due’ attribute?

It’s a bit rich expecting us to explain things to you so that you can make a proprietary app. Content you create in Anki is free to use as you please, but if you are using Anki’s source code as a reference, your derivative product will need to be released under a compatible open-source license.

Don’t worry Damien. Soon you are going to get a financial contributor😊.

Currently the only way people can contribute financially is by purchases of AnkiMobile, and while buying the app is appreciated, I’m afraid you’ll still need to abide by the open source license terms if you’re making use of the code.

No Damien. I’m just using the apkg files that I have created. I’m also writing my own codes to access data from the database file. Hope I’m on safe side right? Is there a problem?

If you are using Anki’s source code as a reference, then you are creating a derivative work, and are obliged to release your work under a compatible open source license.

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Ohh. Sorry for the arguement Damien. I’m really not aware of this. So the work need to be open sourced if Anki’s source code is referenced right? Thank you😊. Continue your good work.