Double-clicking browser search term only partially selects

A weird little glitch that annoys me a little:
Type a search term in browser search bar, typically after selecting a deck in the side bar. So the search bar looks schematically like this:
"deck:name of deck" AND "foobar"

Now I see the search results. Hmm, I’d like to change foobar to something else. So I double click on it. Quite often, it highlights fully but less than a second later the highlight contracts to only some initial portion of the word. I suspect the degree of contraction is not random, but I haven’t got predictive rules as yet.

MacOS 11.3, Anki 2.1.43

There were some reports of this, e.g. here: Text select problem with Big Sur
Probably a bug in the toolkit Anki uses.


Thanks! I did some more experimenting and replied in more detail in that other thread.