Do long deck titles get cropped in the mobile versions of Anki?


My deck has some long subdeck names.

Will these names get cropped out in the Mobile versions of Anki?

Not just Ankidroid, but the Anki for iPhones too.

Yes it will.

Would you know if there is even a way for the user to read the deck title, without clicking “Rename” or puttin the phone in “Horizontal mode”?

Because as far as I know, instead of going to this screen:

Anki mobile goes straight into the Study, without showing the menu on the picture above.

If you long press the deck you’ll see the full name in the menu thata allows you to rename/delete/…
If you tap the numbers of the deck (new/due/to repeat) the name won’t be displayed completely but abbreviated with (…).
But as far as I can see your deck name isn’t that long since it isn’t shown that way. It’d only be “[2b] An illustration of French & English vowels” which isn’t even abbreviated on the main view (Huawei p10lite)