Disable automatic media sync

Version 2.1.22 of Anki introduced automatic media sync. Is there a way to disable this feature so that media is only synced when I explicitly press sync? I want to disable it for the following two reasons:

  1. I’m regularly on a metered connection (mobile hotspot) and I don’t want Anki to check for updates to my media every few minutes (and potentially even download media without my knowledge). I only want to do it when I’m at home (which Anki doesn’t know so it should let me sync manually).

  2. I’m regularly on a computer without internet connection (temporarily) and every time Anki attempts and fails to sync media in the background, an error message pops up. This is really annoying.

It would be really nice if one could just disable automatic media sync in the network tab of the preferences menu!

Yes, it is in the preferences screen of recent Anki versions.