Desktop editor: Preset the currently selected deck, when creating a card

When a new card is created, a seemingly arbitrary deck is preselected, which almost always (if one has enough decks) forces the user to select the appropriate deck.

The current preset criteria is actually mysterious - I though it was the one selected in the previous session, but it isn’t.

It’d be much more user-friendly/efficient, if the deck selected in the tree panel (if selected) was preset instead.

Try this setting:


I’ve dug a bit, and the problem is that the “current” deck is always the one selected in the main window (Decks).

That selection is still applied when current window is Browse, which I think is a bug (instead, it should be the deck selected in the tree panel).

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If you use “Create Copy” instead of clicking on “Add”, the new note will use current’s card deck by default.

But yes, I also think that most users would expect the same behavior after clicking on “Add” note, so adding “When adding default to current’s card deck” as an option would be great.


I also find it confusing, so at this point I always hit Ctrl D to change the deck as soon as I enter the ‘Add’ screen

Thanks for the suggestion! I use the same workaround, indeed :slight_smile:

Open source and good UX have always been, and will always be, sworn enemies: issue #2341 (“Preference “When adding, default to current deck” has confusing (or maybe buggy) UX”) in the ankitects/anki GitHub repo has been closed as not an issue. :person_shrugging: