Default Anki Settings?

Hello fellow Anki Users,

Could someone please tell me the default information(specific numbers) that Anki comes with under the New Cards tab—>steps, order, new cards, graduating interval, easy interval?

I have been using Anki for over a year a now and I accidentally open the New Cards tab and change some of the numbers, unintentionally, and now I can’t tell what and which ones I might have changed.

Thank you.


If you’re using an old Anki version, you can use the Restore Defaults button. Recent Anki versions have a reset button next to each changed option.


Thank you for responding, Casartelli. I just uploaded a photo to show you how it looks to me in my Mac computer.

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It seems like you’re using an old version. You can use the Restore Defaults botton as @dae suggested, but keep in mind that all your settings will be restored, not just the ones under “New Cards”

The default settings:


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