"deck, then due date" not working as expected

Hi, I have a question about the review sort order. I’d like to have 1 card for each subdeck when reviewing. So, for example, first card (subdeck 1), second card (subdeck 2) and so on. Then I’d like to have again one card for each subdeck. I thought the “deck, then due date” would do the job but I was wrong. When reviewing with such settings I only get reviews from the first subdeck and nothing else.

*Deck, then due date: This option will ensure reviews are shown for each subdeck in turn. This is generally not recommended, as having material appear consistently in the same order makes it easier to guess the answer based on context, and may lead to weaker memories.

Maybe wording in manual is not best, but “deck, then due date” will do the following:

  • Get reviews from first subdeck - alphabetically.
  • Show all reviews from first subdeck, sorted by due date.
  • When all from first sub-deck are done, get from the next sub-deck.

I personally don’t know the easy way to achieve what you are asking. Maybe “random” will work for you as it will get you a mix of all subdecks.


Thanks for the help.

You might also want to consider just using the default ‘due date, then random’. That will show all cards for a given due date in random order, so you should get a mix of cards from different decks if you don’t have a bigger backlog in one deck than another.

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