Deck name change in a filtered deck

  • Assume you have a deck named “German”, which is one of your regular decks.
  • Then you create a filtered deck with a filter “deck:German is:new”, letʼs say because you want to swot up on some new cards before going to a normal regime with them.
  • Then you change the name of the regular deck from “German” to “Deutsch”.
  • The filtered deck still has “deck:German is:new” in its filter, which breaks the whole system. The filtered deck cannot be rebuilt and when you go to the options and click “Rebuild” you get “No cards matched the provided search…”.

Is it supposed to be this way? Or maybe could it be possible that a filter in a filtered deck be updated if it contains a deck name that has been changed?

Just edit the Search line in the filtered deck Options.

The same is true if you have Saved Searches in the left-hand-side panel. You have to manually adjust any deck names there if they are renamed.


I also noticed that the same happens with tags, i.e. once a tag is changed, the filtered deck that has the tag in its options is broken and cannot be rebuilt.

You can edit the Filtered oeck Options the same way for that.

This is working as intended. It allows users to deliberately remove cards/decks/tags/etc. from a deck filter without the deck changing itself to follow them. You’ll find the same is true with “saved searches” in the Browse window.

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