Daylight Savings Time Screwed Sync and Nothing Fixes it

This has been the most frustrating 3 days of my life and havent even studied I’ve been so pissed.

Anki on computer shows the correct card count only if I enable ‘Legacy timezone handling’ but on ankidroid, NOTHING fixes the correct cards. I have tried "new timezone handling’ changing the time past midnight, etc and nothing makes them match up.

Both computer and ankidroid are fully up to date. This is absolutely insane.

Any help would be much appreciated because this has ruined me.

The fact that AnkiDroid differs from the desktop when the legacy setting is enabled is an AnkiDroid bug that they haven’t gotten to the bottom of. Switching to the new timezone handling may cause Anki to shift forward or back a day (which I presume is what you mean by “correct”), but the new handling is intended to better handle future changes in timezones, so I’d recommend you bite the bullet and switch to it.