Custom link jump problem(urgent!)link jump problem(urgent!)

Why can’t the custom anchor link on windows pc jump, but the mobile terminal can jump, I guess it is a problem on the pc side.

Why do I always fail to post this question, have I violated the rules?
My native language is not English, so please forgive me for any grammatical errors.

<a name="1" href="#2">test a</a>
<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br>anki<br><a id="2" href="#1">test b</a>