Cursor position lost when canceling closing of "Add" window

This is for the Desktop client.
When adding a new card to a desk, I tend to repeatedly press the Escape key at times (for instance, in order to cancel a Japanese input, or whatever).
The Escape key also acts as a “Close window” shortcut, which is fine and even useful, especially since another press on Escape, closes the “Close and lose current input?” and gives focus back to the “Add” window. So far so good.
But unfortunately, in that “Add” window, the focus is no longer on whatever portion of the card I was editing, but on the “Add” button.
I believe most users would expect the focused field and the cursor position in that field to come back to where they were before the “Double Escape” sequence. In other words, the “Double Escape” sequence should leave everything unchanged, and let me edit the card as though it never happened.
Similarly (although, that one may be more controversial), when pressing Tab (move to next field) then Shift-Tab (come back one field, to the original field), I would expect the cursor’s position to be unchanged in the first field. Current behavior is that the cursor lands to the end of the field.
That’s no big deal, of course. But maybe it has been annoying enough users that it deserves a fix…

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I agree with you that this is not great, but unfortunately it’s a bit tricky to fix at the moment :frowning: