Cursor hover furigana doesn't show up sometimes

This same problem also applies to my AnkiMobile app. Essentially, when I want to see the pronunciation info by hovering over a kanji/kanji compound like 再配達 in the provided example, all that appears is the comma “,” that goes before the hiragana/katakana information. 再配達[,サイハイタツ;n3] is exactly how it’s entered in the expression box (I only recently started using katakana for the hover data, but I’ve had this problem long before I started doing that).

I’ve attached a screenshot of the example problem and one of the add-ons in case any of them could be causing this. Please help! Again it’s only with some cards that this happens and haven’t been able to discern any differences between those affected and those unaffected.

That looks like an issue with a shared deck, or an add-on that was used to create the cards. Please contact the deck/add-on author.

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