Cram, filtered and dynamic

Is there any rules about when “filtered”, “dynamic” and “cram” should be used ? We use the three in ankidroid, and I kind of assume they all mean the same thing.

Does Anki uses “Filtered” everywhere (in which case I’ll correct this in AnkiDroid too) or does different words are used in different place (I can’t easily find the two other words while using the app. However, they appear often in the source code, which makes the search complex)

I think they all mean the same thing.
“dynamic” is used only in the source code and nowhere in the user-facing parts.
“cram” is used in translation strings; it occurs twice, apparently in the stats screen and in the browser, but I can’t find them anywhere in the interface. See 1 and 2 (#2 is most likely unused, since the actionCram action is not used in
Also, filtered and cram are used interchangeably in the manual. See

Edit: #1 is in the Review Count graph.


They’re legacy from older versions - “cram mode” was used in Anki 1.x, and filtered decks were called dynamic decks when they were first added.


Thanks. Now all strings shown to user in ankidroid contains “Filtered”.