Converting a shared deck which has its own note type so that it becomes a "type answer" note type

I am extremely new to Anki, but since the changes in Memrise decided to give it a shot. I have found a greater Genki II shared deck which I have imported. However, the note type is ‘basic’. I would like to make it to a ‘type answer’ note type but without losing the audio fields and other related kana fields. I am a complete newb so sorry if this is pretty easy stuff, but I have scoured the internet for two days and I cant find anything, but I could be using the wrong terminology.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Browser > Select all cards in your deck > Notes > Change Note type > Change form "Basic to “Basic (type in answer)”

PS: If you don’t have the “Basic (type in answer)” notetype you will need to create it beforehand:
Tools > Manage notetypes > Add > Add: Basic (type in answer)

If the existing notetype has extra fields you wish to preserve, you can manually add the typing directive: Anki 2: Typing in the Answer - YouTube