Convert VCE to apkg


I thought I found the solution with this blog post.

I follow through the instruction. My Visual CertExam Designer version does not allow the export as .txt - so I convert the VCE file to a pdf-format and then use an app called exam formatter to get a .txt file from the pdf exam.

The compiled with an error:

import anki statement is not recognized because there is no python module with this name.

Can you help ?

Yours sincerely


According to from, your folder structure should look like this:


But the file is 10 years old and there might be other problems down the road.

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Hi !

Yes your instinct was right. I got the exam file in .txt format converted. When I try to import the converted exam as a .anki file - it does nothing with my anki 2.0.52. I look into the converted .anki file and it consist of sql statements.

I got another idea: import the .txt exam file to supermemo 16 and then try to convert it to anki for import. I found this very old converter programm for


Python 2.7.3
Anki 1.2.8
SuperMemo 2006 (Build 13.02)

Look that I have to learn to write anki add-ons. I try to write something next weekend.

Thanks for your help.