Connection reset during large upload to AnkiWeb

Hi there,

I’m the author of the AnkiOCR addon: AnkiOCR - AnkiWeb

I’m trying to push an update to Ankiweb and having problems with uploading, the previous .zip was around 138 MB, new one is 145 MB, so I’m not sure why it’s happening. Is there another interface for pushing to AnkiWeb via an API or something?

I’ve tried in Chrome across two different computers, still no luck.

Latest release is here including the .zip file I’m trying to upload. I’ve also tried with the file extension .ankiaddon.

My only thought is I’m now bundling some .dynlib files that were missing previously, are they getting caught in a firewall or something?

Any help much appreciated! :slight_smile:



EDIT : Tried in Firefox, got a 413 error - request too large :frowning: The reason my addon is large is I’m vendorising the Tesseract OCR engine + its dependencies, as user’s were having problems installing it themselves.

EDIT2 - Have removed some language files from the release and reduced the filesize to ~80 MB, no issues uploading now :smiley:

Currently uploads are limited to ~140MB, so either shrinking things down as you’ve done, or hosting the large files separately is required I’m afraid.

Thanks for the response, I feel a bit silly now as I thought it might have been something else. All sorted for now :slight_smile: