COMPLETE NEWB, need help adjusting Again/Good/Easy

Hello all. I have just downloaded Anki to help with spaced repetition for an upcoming Comprehensive Exam in July and keeping up my Spanish.

With my Spanish deck, I am not understanding why my Easy timeslot is saying 4 days. Ideally, it would be 5 hours like I have set on my Steps under the Deck option for my Spanish (currently 30 120 300).

The 30 and the 120 are showing up perfectly as 30 for again and 2h for good, yet Easy keeps showing up as 4 days? I’d want to review these cards with more consistency. I also have no other new cards and all are in the red “Learning”. Any clue why I can’t get the desired 5 hrs for my Easy section?

Thanks for helping a newbie.

See the Manual:

PS. This Manual page is not up to date ( The Hard button is not mentioned ).
EDIT: Works correctly without add-ons. Also, Anki is ‘jumping’ over the 2nd learning Step ( my version is .26. ) .

Good 1d button is hidden by the last step so that you would see only the Easy interval).
What do you see on the First rep - which learning steps ?