[Community Poll] Default browser orientation (Vertical/Horizontal)

Dear community!

You might have noticed the non-default orientation (horizontal splitter) in all of my browser screenshots on this forum.

Horizontal split (side-by-side orientation)

Browser: Table/Editor side-by-side (horizontal split) - AnkiWeb allows you to flip the splitter orientation from vertical to horizontal. Thanks to @ijgnd for maintaining this add-on throughout the years.

Vertical split (editor below table)

This is the current default.

My opinion

The default vertical split seems alien to me, because I’ve been using the add-on from day one. To me, a side-by-side view makes much more sense for two scrollable areas in a landscape aspect ratio.

You’ll also never see me post a picture of the editor like this:

It seems like an awful waste of space. Instead I always keep the editor as a slim side window.

I am strongly against the vertical split and would be delighted to set a new default.

I’ve now pushed a pull request that will integrate the add-on’s functionality into Anki. With two options available, it’s up to the community to decide on a default.

Which should be the default from 2.1.55 onward?

  • Vertical split (status quo, editor below table)
  • Horizontal split (table and editor side-by-side)

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@AnKingMed I’d be very grateful if you could poll your community on instagram as well, if you find the time :pray:

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Happy to do a poll. I agree with you for what it’s worth

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This is what the AnKing community vote looks like after 6h: