2.1.55 issue with auto browser and upload/download dialog

When I set the browser editor to “auto” instead of vertical or horizontal, it doesn’t automatically switch no matter how small I make the window (I am using a 4k monitor… but I made it pretty small).

Also, this dialog seems to be a bit too tight:

The horizontal/vertical switch depends on the width to height ratio - have you tried making it narrow?

I can’t seem to reproduce the truncated text in that screen - did you test without add-ons?

Yes this is without add-ons

I made it as small as possible on my monitor. CleanShot 2022-12-23 at 22.46.07 · CleanShot Cloud

This issue may already be resolved - please let me know if it’s still a problem in the next beta. Also, please remind us you’re using Qt5 when reporting issues, as I suspect this is specific to Qt5.

Sorry I’m using Qt6 moving forward!

Ok, a reminder that you’re using the force custom styling option then :slight_smile: Please let me know if the next beta does not fix it.

Forgot about that… sorry! Here I am trying to be helpful and just causing problems :slight_smile:

It was helpful, it just makes our life a bit easier when the exact environment is mentioned up front, so we don’t have to try to figure out how to reproduce it. :slight_smile:

I will repent :slight_smile: I completely understand because I have the same questions when I’m troubleshooting things for other people…

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