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Command+C on Crashes Anki 2.1.41 on Mac

Everytime I pres Command+C, the app crashes and I get a notification to send an Apple Report. This first happened when making an Image Occlusion card and now happens on any screen, EXCEPT in the “Manage Notes” window when editing the templates.

I’m using Anki 2.1.41 on Big Sur 11.4. I disabled all the add-ons to isolate it and it still occurred. I can’t seem to figure this out and it’s a HUGE issue, especially since it involves one of the most common keyboard commands: Copy.

Could someone please please please help with this issue?

I’ve seen a few users reporting this, but have not been unable to reproduce it up until now. I still can not trigger it after selecting text, but have finally managed to trigger a crash by clicking in the empty space of the deck list and pressing command+c. I’ll add a workaround for this in the next update, but I’m puzzled why one would want to do such a thing, and it makes me wonder if you’re perhaps seeing the issue in places I’m not. Are you selecting text first? What steps are you taking that triggers the issue?

Interesting others have experienced the same issue - happy to hear a fix is coming down the pipe.

So if highlight something for copying, it doesn’t seem to occur. But if the highlight becomes deselected and I press command+c, which happens every now and again with quick workflows, the app will crash and the work is lost. The steps I’m taking to cause the issue are part of standard “copy” command, but the issue is that the app crashes if the text isn’t selected and the work isn’t synced. Appreciate the effort on looking into this! Never fun losing MCAT cards ha

Thanks for elaborating; please let me know if you encounter the issue again after the next update.

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No problem!