Combinations of multiline formulas and text cannot be displayed

How do I get him to display correctly? Looks good in other software.

The mass ratio of component $\mathrm{A}$ in a two component mixture is $\mathrm{X}_{\mathrm{mA}}$, and the mass fraction of component $\mathrm{A}$ is $\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}}$. The relationship between $\mathrm{X}_{\mathrm{mA}}$ and $\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}}$: $\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}}=(\quad) 。$
A. $1/ \mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}}$
B. $\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}} /\left(1-\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}}\right)$
C. $\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}} /\left(1+\mathrm{x}_{\mathrm{mA}}\right)$
D. $\left(1-x_{m A}\right) / x_{m A}$

That’s not valid MathJax syntax in Anki: Math & Symbols - Anki Manual

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