Colorful tags in the Browser Window


I have some primary tags that they have many many sub-tags and they’re increased day by day. The same color for those is boring and it’s cool to give them colors. Is it possible or do we have an add-on for it to give colors them and customize them by colors and more options?


Glutanimate’s Patreon-only “BetterTags” supports tags with custom colours:


I can’t open the link in my browsers, but I could find this page:
for this add-on. But I can’t find download link. Also it’s not available in here:

Now, I don’t know how to find it!

Glutanimate only offers the download to his Patreons, meaning that you have to pay money for getting access to the download link.

Oh didn’t know! Thought it’s free.
Thank you

As of today, the last version of Anki that is compatible with BetterTags is 2.1.35 (October 2020). BetterTags hasn’t seen an update for over 10 months and I can’t recommend becoming a Patreon supporter just because of this addon.

Anki 2.1.41 will come with hierarchical tags functionality out of the box, so in case for this add-on, the issue is more or less resolved anyways.

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Is there any add-on that adds colored tags like BetterTags? I really miss using it…