Color format of an Anki deck changed when I imported a new deck


I imported a different deck the other day and it seeming caused the background color or them of the deck I’m currently using to change. I would like to get back to the old them. The deck I’m working with is
“Core 2k/6k/10K Further Optimized PIC/SOUNDnew”. The options I’m using the the default one. I made had previously one change to cut in half the number of new cards from 30 to 15, and I’m pretty sure at that time is was the default that I changed, because the other decks are all 15 now.

Basically, I’m only using one deck anyway, but I’d like to retrieve the original color scheme without deleting the record of cards reviewed.

The decks likely use the same notetype. You can adjust the background color yourself:

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