Collection.log file Question

I was hoping someone could give me information on if there is any issue here.

I have a collection.log.old file within Anki2 that was last updated a few years ago, but I don’t see a regular collection.log file. In looking at tutorials that showed this folder within Anki2, I saw other people had a collection.log file. Is something missing here or does this look how it should?

Btw, I am running 2.1.64 (581f82c5) on Windows.

Thank you for your help! I am not knowledgeable on this stuff so I just want to ensure this looks correct.

I would say that sometime between 2.1.30 and 2.1.49, that file was deprecated.

If this really worries you – did you look at what’s in it?

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I have not yet, I suppose I was not sure what I would be looking at and did not want to risk messing anything up by opening. By deprecated, does that mean that the regular collection.log was something that was present in the older versions, but between 2.1.30-2.1.49 it was no longer a file that Anki needed to use?

Thanks again for your assistance!

I should disclose – I am making an educated deduction based on the last edit date on your file, other references to that file from that time-period or earlier, the Anki release log on GitHub, and the Anki2 directory on my own computer. I can’t tell you what it was used for or why it wasn’t necessary anymore at some point. But yes, that is what I mean by “deprecated.”


That is much more info than I was able to figure out on my end. As long as nothing seems amiss from my file, I can accept that. The file being deprecated at some point sounds like a reasonable explanation.

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Yes, Anki no longer uses it in normal circumstances.


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