Cloze Deletion and Heat map Errors

Hello, I am relatively new to Anki (college student) and I would appreciate any help I receive! I have downloaded the new Anki version which is version 2.1.33 and I have downloaded the add-ons: customize Keyboard shortcuts, Heatmap, and frozen fields. I have a couple of more but I don’t think they are relevant to the problem I am having. Ever since I upgraded to the new Anki (I’m not sure which version I had before), the cloze deletions without the number increasing ( c1 c1 c1, etc…) will not work. I have edited the shortcuts add-on to this: “editor cloze”: “Ctrl+Shift+D”,
“editor cloze alt”: “Ctrl+Shift+C”,
This worked before and now the c.d. (cloze deletion) keeps increasing (c1 c2 c3 c4, etc…) and I am not sure what is going on. I will greatly appreciate any help because I need this add-on to work because it will save me so much time making Anki cards

And now to the heatmap, it won’t allow me to change the color of the heatmap. When I do it says:

I am not sure if the image uploaded correctly but just in case I’ll say what it says. Basically it says there’s an add-on that’s making the error occurred. I think it might have something to do with the add-on of the keyboard shortcuts but I am not sure how to check if it is. And what’s weird is when I click on a deck’s settings and go to “options” and I don’t change anything I just click ok and it exits out of the options, the heatmap changes to what I previously wanted to change it to. But when I open the Anki app it reverts back to how I had it before I upgraded to the new Anki and removes any new changes I just made to it.

If you made it this far I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read all of this. I’m just trying to get the best use of Anki so that I can be on top of my studies. So any advice will go along way. Thank you!

Maybe try to uninstall the Customize Keyboard Shortcuts add-on and install it again, then restart Anki.