Cloze colouring not working right

So my cloze colouring is not working consistently (the blue when you press the space bar). Once nothing is coloured, then only a part of the cloze card is coloured and so on.

I have this problem since the newest version. Is there any way to fix this?

My addons are: Amboss addon, custom background img, customize keyboard shortcuts, frozen fields, heatmaps, highlight search results in the browser bar, img occlusion enhancend, mini format pack, more overview stats, pop-up dictionary beta, put all learning cards first, rememorize rescheduler with sibling, resize images in editor, speed focus mode

Cloze-deleting multiple lines can cause display issues, as it may lead to incorrectly formatted HTML. Henrik’s changes coming in 2.1.41 should improve the situation somewhat for newly created content.

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hey, just wanted to ask if you know by chance if there is a version to which I can downgrade in order to make the coloring working again? If yes which one?