Answer style not working

I dont understand why my answers, sometimes, dont appear blue and bold, as defined in the style. In example 1 it’s only half blue; and in example 2 it`s not blue at all:

In some cards, the answer, even if it’s multiple line, shows correctly, all blue and bold.
The text in the card is plain text.
I`m using Anki 2.1.40. The result is the same on Windows 10 and on Ankidroid.


Some update ago, the Cloze note type got a special styling for night mode (or maybe that was always the case…):

.cloze {
  font-weight: bold;
  color: blue;
.nightMode .cloze {
  color: lightblue; #← i would change this to dodgerblue for better visibility

As for your issue with multiple lines:

I couldn’t reproduce your issue with the default Cloze note type, which leads me to think there might be some extra HTML changes within your current template (at least on “Modelo do Verso”).

You could try if the problem persists with a new Cloze note type:

In the “Adicionar” window, click your note type (top left) → Gerenciar → Adicionar → Adicionar: Cloze, then choose and test that newly created note type with the same lines as in your images.

Thanks for the answer.
After some tests I found the bug. Here are the exact steps to reproduce (I recorded on a new profile from scratch):

Good to know!

Please see When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

I updated to anki 2.1.43 and the problem stopped happening on new cards. For the old cards, simply cuting and pasting again the contents solved the problem.