Cloze card with multiple blanks

Hi, everyone! Is there a way to create a note with multiple blacks? In the note below, I want to have 2 parts omitted in the same card. I found on youtube a guy saying that I should manually change the numbers of the parts I want to have in the same note. For example, in the picture I should type “1” where is “2”. Is there an easier way? Thanks

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Thanks! Is this the shortcut I need to change, to make an easier one? I’ve deleted the previous one, but it doesn’t work. (Ctrl+M doesn’t work)


I don’t know, seems like you’re using an add-on. The default shortcut would be Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C.

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I think the shortcut needs to contain “Alt”, even if you customize it using an addon.

E.g. “Ctrl+M” will not work, but “Ctrl+Alt+M” will.