Chess Training Decreases Reaction Time to Sub-Olympic Levels

Hi all,

Observe this game that I played today in Bullet vs. maia9:

No premoves here

  1. c4 0.3

  2. Nc3 0.4

  3. Qxd2 0.2

  4. Qd1 0.3

  5. Nf3 0.3

  6. e5 0.5

  7. Be2 0.4

  8. O-O 0.3

I’ve been training chess with a variety of modalities, primarily w/ Anki spaced repetition, over the past 6 months. Today I was surprised to see that in Olympic Swimming, reaction time of 0.7 seconds is considered championship level.

“In many ways, she treats the start of a distance event the same as a sprint. At this year’s U.S. Olympic swimming trials, her reaction time — from the sound of the start to the first movement off the blocks — in the 200 (0.66 seconds) was just a hair faster than her reaction time in the 1,500 (0.70).”


What are the financial implications of this?

Thanks in advance,
Yakun Hu.