German translations outdated

I have noticed an error in the german translation of the statistics page.
If the time checkbox is enabled then right below the repetition graph there is an entry displaying the average answer time. There it says in german:
“Durchschnittliche Antwortzeit: ⁨23,07⁩s (⁨⁨2,6⁩⁨2,6⁩⁨2,6⁩ Karten/Minute⁩)”
repeating the cards per minute value 3 times.

by looking into the code I have already identified that the source of the problem was in the german translation but it seems like that error was already fixed a year ago.

I have tried updating and reinstalling anki in the newest version but the translation error still persists.

Pontoon is showing the date the string was originally added, not when it was changed. The fix was only made in April, and should be in the latest alphas.