Changing Anki2 folder location on Linux

I am attempting to set up Anki on Linux (Mint Xfce 21.3) with a custom Anki2 data folder location on my external hard drive. In Windows I did this by adding the path to my Anki2 folder to the desktop shortcut. On Linux, from reading the relevant section in the manual, I see that the correct way to do this is to change the environment variable ANKI_BASE with the command:

export ANKI_BASE="/media/zakuro/Elements/Anki2"

I ran this command in the terminal and did not get any errors, but nevertheless when I launch Anki it does not launch from my desired folder. The issue persists after restarting. What might I be doing wrong and how can I get Anki to use the correct folder?

That seems to imply that Anki was not run in a shell that has that environment change. You can check the debug console and look at os.environ